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BVMs and resuscitation mask

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Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) resuscitators
In an emergency situation time is vital, there is no opportunity to check patient history and expensive re-usable equipment can often become contaminated. To avoid cross infection from blood, vomit and secretions we offer a complete range of single-use BVM resusucitators for use in resuscitation and emergency care.
Pocket resuscitation mask
The pocket resuscitation face mask offers convenient ready to use mouth-to-mask device that allows you to give immediate respiratory support to your patient without compromising yourself. The crystal clear mask allows clear visualisation of the patientís colour giving an immediate indication of the effectiveness of the respiratory support. Any vomit, mucous or foreign body blocking the patientís airway can be easily seen. The soft cuff moulds itself to the contours of the patientís face providing a comfortable air tight seal. The one way protection valve allows gas to pass from the resuscitator to patient without any physical contact between the two, minimising any risk of cross contamination and vastly improves the hygiene of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The mouthpiece is a standard 15mm male connection so it will fit our standard resuscitation systems and breathing systems and the oxygen connector allows delivery of supplementary oxygen.