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Nasal Cannulae

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Conventional nasal cannulae
A range of products for adult, paediatric and neonates are available with a wide selection of prong shapes to suit all patient requirements. All oxygen tubing in the range is manufactured in a ‘multi-channel’ design, which permits oxygen flow even if the tubing is ‘kinked’. Ear guards are an additional comfort benefit that come pre-attached to the cannulae designed for patient satisfaction.
Phthalate free nasal cannulae
The Phthalate (DEHP) free range of nasal cannula has been designed to address the concerns of neonatal exposure to DEHP in premature infants and newborns requiring intensive care in a neonatal unit.
Sentri™ ETCO2 nasal cannulae
Sentri is available as an adult Intersurgical EcoLite™ mask and in three sizes of nasal cannula. Both permit the sampling of exhaled carbon dioxide in non-intubated patients during the administration of supplementary oxygen.

By delivering oxygen through one prong and sampling exhaled gas from the other, the nasal cannula can provide end tidal values comparable to those achieved with intubated patients. Nasal cannula may be more appropriate for paediatric patients when high oxygen flows may “dilute” the CO2 sample and give a low (or no) value. A facemask may be more appropriate when the nares are occluded or obstructed.