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Mccoy Laryngoscope

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  • The FLEXION is a Macintosh F.O. Laryngoscope blade with a tip which is adjustable through 70°. A lever controls the tip angle during intubation to lift the epiglottis, giving a clear view of the vocal cords. Contact with the upper row of teeth and unnecessary pressure on the tongue and soft tissue are avoided
  • Both ends of large fiber bundle are protected – for long life of blades
  • Fiber optic bundle 4mm & 6000 individual micro fibers for best in class light transmission
  • Integrated fiber optic design – for best in class maintenance free performance
  • Fits all ISO F.O. handles (green standard). Exception: F.O. Angled handles
  • All blades made of premium grade stainless steel in matt finish
  • Tested to withstand 4000 standard Autoclave cycles of 134°C / 3 minutes
  • Blades are also compatible with Sterrad and other low-temperature gas plasma sterilization procedures
  • Blades supplied individually or in sets with suitable long life foam padded carry cases
  • ISO 7376:2009 compliant, CE marked & fit onto other ISO laryngoscope handles
  • Blades available in three most common curved Mac 2,3 & 4 sizes