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Decontaminating Mat

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Multi-Layer Decontaminating Mat for Surgery Room / I.C.U. Units
Nowadays multi-layered mats are the best way to prevent contaminationspreadingintosurgery ro ms by theintroduction of tracked-in, bacteria-laden dirt and debris.
  • STERYLAB produces MULTIMAT®, the most advanced cheap multi-layered mat available in the market to date, easy to place and use, always effective. MULTIMAT® is usedfor surgery rooms, I.C.U. units, whenever asepsis is required.
  • MULTIMAT® is composed of 30 adhesive, plastic thin sheets, for a total thickness of mm 2.40
  • MULTIMAT® can be placed down on the ?oor even under the open side door or on its speci?cally designed metallic frame (PAL) to allow its movement during ?oor washing.
  • Blue coloured, MULTIMAT® has the adhesive mixed with a special antimicrobial & antifungal chemical agent (Benzoisothiazolina-3-one). Its antimicrobial action destroys pathogens carried by dirt and debris (up to 100 millions bacteria per gram).The blue colour shows the trapped dirt till the top sheet is used up.