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Adult circle breathing systems

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Flextube™ circle breathing systems
A range of Flextube™ circle breathing systems which have a unique clip feature, when used with Intersurgical recessed connectors: an airtight fit is achieved, ensuring there are no leaks or disconnections. A range of 22mm Flextube breathing systems supplied with an integral monitoring line conveniently and safely positioned inside the length of the tube securely anchored at the Y-piece, ensures optimal positioning for accurate and reliable gas monitoring.
Smoothbore circle breathing systems
A range of Smoothbore circle breathing systems which incorporate flexible machine end connectors along with lightweight rigid connectors within the system, offering improved ventilatory support.
Compact™ extendable breathing systems
The Compact extendable anaesthetic breathing system has been designed for economy. They are supplied in a compressed form which increases the number of systems per box, for more cost effective storage and disposal. This means that there can be significant space savings compared with other breathing systems. A standard box of Compact systems could provide a hospital with an extra three weeks supply.*
Silver Knight™ anti-microbial Flextube™ circle breathing systems
In the continued fight against Hospital Acquired Infections, Intersurgical has developed the Silver Knight range of products with an anti-microbial additive to further enhance patient safety. This anti-microbial, silver-based ion additive has been introduced to a range of breathing systems for both anaesthesia and intensive care use. Testing to ISO Standard 22196 shows a reduction in bacterial viable count by 99.9% against controls.