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System accessories

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Flow sensors
Expiratory flow sensor used on intensive care ventilators to measure a patient's exhaled gas flow from the expiratory limb. Data is then used to calculate exhaled tidal and minute volumes. The e-FlowSensor™ is compatible with the current installed base of Dräger® Evita® ventilators. Sensor can be reprocessed or cleaned providing it passes a full calibration on the ventilator prior to use.
Tube management programme
Don't trip - Clip
Breathing systems that drag across the floor are unhygienic and can cause accidents. Our tube management programme comprises of tube clips, management clip and grip, and tube supports. They are designed to position our breathing systems efficiently and comfortably around the patient area whilst providing a safe and tidy environment, whilst reducing the risk of disconnection and patient trauma. A simple solution to a common problem.

Intersurgical tube clips, 22F red safety cap and the humidification chamber fill set spike cover are designed to interface with the tube management clip or grip via a notch feature. Tube clips are available to fit our Smoothbore and Flextube™ breathing systems with options available for 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 30mm single and dual limb breathing systems. Intersurgical tube clips are included with appropriate breathing systems and are also available individually.
Water traps
A range of self-sealing and right-angled, self-sealing water traps that allow for emptying during use. As the base of the water trap is opened the internal valve automatically closes ensuring the breathing system remains airtight. As the base is replaced, the valve reopens allowing drainage of the breathing system to recommence.
CO2 Cuvette for Dräger® ventilators
The CO2 Cuvette for Dräger® ventilators is a single use CO2 Cuvette for mainstream ETCO2 monitoring of mechanically ventilated adult patients. The cuvette is intended for use with the Dräger® Evita® Infinity® V500, and the Dräger® Oxylog® 3000 plus ventilators.